Keith Artz

“I came to the art world later in life after having two previous careers. It is my passion, my therapy, and my joy. When I started in 2003, I painted ‘pretty’ things; still lifes, flowers, and idyllic landscapes. Being a ‘realistic’ style painter, I did well with such subjects.

"I have slowly made a transition from ‘pretty’ to disturbing social issues. I still paint realistically, and now I feel that my artwork has a higher purpose. The intent of my current ‘Homelessness’ series is to encourage viewers to look at the homeless people and their issues. Often, we don’t even make eye-to-eye contact.

My art has two purposes: 1) to bring to light the human beings who are living on the street and their inhumane existences. 2) As a traveling show, the goal is to raise money for homelessness issues.

Homelessness is the disgrace of a wealthy nation.

Keith Artz

Keith Artz was born in Tecumseh, Nebraska to parents who always helped encourage his appetite for creative outlets. He learned the art of fine woodworking and furniture making from his father, and developed a love for needlework from his mother. His move from the mid-west to the Pacific Northwest in 1958 opened his eyes to the beauty of nature and made him more observant of colors, contours, and light. “I have come to watercolor late in life and have found that I can express mood and a sense of time, which are difficult to do in my other artistic expressions. I work in a ‘representational’ or ‘realistic’ style of painting. My subjects tend to be of everyday objects that have their own stories to tell. My goal in painting is to help viewers of my art to better see the often hidden optical treasures in ordinary things."

Shows and Exhibits:

  • "Dancing With the Muse", Seattle CoArts Juried Show Mercer Island Gallery, 2014
  • “A Pour Showing” Solo Show, Semantics Gallery, Edmonds, WA, 2013
  • “Explore This!” Online Show of the Colored Pencil Society Of America., 2009-2011
  • “Explore This!” Online Show of the Colored Pencil Society Of America.
  •, 2009-2011
  • “Ah! Spring” Three-person Show, Depot Art Center, Anacortes, WA, 2009
  • “Kiss My Glass” Solo Show, Gallery North, Edmonds, WA, 2008

Awards and Recognition:

  • Seattle Co-Arts Juried Show, Honorable Mention Award, 2014
  • Shoreline Arts Festival Juried Show, Honorable Mention, 2013
  • Northwest Watercolor Society, International Show, Merchandise Award, 2012
  • Seattle Co-Arts Annual Show, 2nd Place Award, 2012
  • Seattle Co-Arts Annual Show, Honorable Mention Award, 2012
  • International Artist Magazine–Issue #63, Finalist Award, 2008
  • Seattle Co-Arts, Peoples Choice Award, 2007
  • Seattle Co-Arts Annual Show, Honorable Mention, 2005


  • Finalist in International Artist–Issue # 63, Art Prize Challenge No.47, 2008

Artistic Experience

  • Juror of Water Media Division for Washington State Fair, 2013
  • Board Member, Northwest Watercolor Society, 2013 – 2014
  • Signature Member – Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS)
  • Signature Member – 'ExploreThis!' of the Colored Pencil Society of America
  • President of Seattle Co–Arts, 2009 – 2010
  • Studied with Deanne Lemley, Joe Garcia, Adelle Earnshaw, Gene Gill, and Stella Canfield.
  • Studied with Deanne Lemley, Joe Garcia, Adelle Earnshaw, Gene Gill,
  •    and Stella Canfield.
Keith Artz

Keith – 1st grade 1947